“a rising tide raises all ships” 


Welcome to the Lone Star Division Events Team.  Here with LSD we have one mission... GROW. It is our goal to provide our fellow Independent CUTCO Cutlery Sales Representatives with an opportunity to grow their business faster, better, and stronger through our Events Team.

With on-going advanced training and scripts from some of the top sales leaders in our industry, our representatives get access to state of art training programs. We are proud in the Lone Star Division to be leading the company in the number of events attended each year. Between our powerhouse training and our abundant events schedule, our potential is unlimited. 

What do you need to do in order to join LSD Events? 

You must be an active sales rep with a career sales over $15,000 to apply and begin training.  You can find our simple application online here.

Here is what to do next: 

  • Attend an official Lone Star Events training (January or August)

  • Purchase your Ed Reed Sharpener Kit

    • Found on VectorConnect

      • Sales Tools > Service Calls > Service Call Literature Order Form

  • Purchase CUTCO Sharpener (item #82)

    • Found on VectorConnect

      • All About CUTCO > Buy CUTCO Samples

  • Field Train at 2 live booth events

  • Attend Lone Star Service Call Training and complete 2 Field Trainings

  • Achieve $20,000 in personal Career Sales

  • Get in touch with your local coordinator for scheduling your first event