Paul Schlake

I love the flexibility and the opportunity to travel. As a rep, I mostly stayed in my own local area, but with the events team, I've had the opportunity to visit tons of places and meet amazing vendors from around the country. When I moved to Austin, I didn't know anyone. The events team helped me build a new customer base and created an extra layer to my business. Most of the top reps work events, so I get the amazing opportunity to learn from the best!


Manny Martinez

Time flexibility
Meeting new people on a daily basis
Being able to Change people’s life
Training with the best in business

Events team have help me get that jump to consistently selling yearly and also has help me expand my skill level
It provides the opportunity to do more demos in a day


Presey Martinez


Joseph Rodriguez

My favorite part of the job is how flexible I can make my schedule with also not hindering my income opportunity.

Favorite parts of team is having a core group that forces me into having higher standards and professionalism with our company. The events team is a place where like minded individuals have a common goal of higher thinking and sales numbers which has allowed me to grow my business.


Sam Nassar

My favorite part is the people I work with. The events team has helped me grow through my sales skills and making deals and on the spot selling.


Sean Henry

The Freedom & Flexibility is by far my favorite part of the job. Also, they pay me a whole bunch of money.

Rubbing elbows with top reps makes you better at all facets of the Cutco business.


Nathan Day

making my own schedule to work around my classes, getting paid for my efforts not my time, also the people I work with- how they constantly share their knowledge and always lend a helping hand to their colleagues.
Yes definitely.

The events team has helped me grow a greater understanding of the product, how to talk and work with customers, and how to build my personal business and customer base with Cutco.


Josh Mueller

I love the flexibility and autonomy we get as independent distributors as well as the training, tools and support that exists to help us build an amazing business.

Ultimately, I’ve learned so much about how to be a productive adult and business owner from communication skills to influence to finances and so much more. The best part has been all the personal & Professional development I’ve experience being a part of this company.

The events team is the fastest way to build a book a business you can serve and earn a lifelong loyalty from. It’s fast paced and challenges everyone on the team to develop their sales skills to the highest levels.


Patton Sides